Express Services Inc., a staffing franchise agency, identified a gap in leadership skills and wanted to increase leadership competencies and productivity, as well as decrease turnover.

To address these issues, Express Services utilized SurveySaurus’ Return on Investment (ROI) Survey, accompanied by consulting and advisement from our team of culture and leadership experts.

SurveySaurus helped Express Services intelligently develop leadership training for franchisees by precisely measuring what worked and what didn’t in the past.


SurveySaurus Solution


  • First cohort graduated in February 2017
  • A graduate made the list of fastest growing companies in Belleview, Oregon.
  • Participant in fourth cohort increased billable hours by 5,000 hours per week.
  • $31,191,588 gross margin INCREASE above express average for Classes I through III

SurveySaurus Express Case Study Class I ResultsSurveySaurus Express Case Study Class II Results

SurveySaurus Express Case Study Class III Results

Slides courtesy of Express Services Inc.


“The group that helped get this program off the ground and contributed to this huge success sacrificed their time and energy, as well as shared their knowledge, experience and opinions. We couldn’t have launched the program without you! The Leadership Academy is having a positive impact above and beyond my dreams and expectations. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.”

Cheryl Moreno
Director of Leadership Development at Express Services Inc.

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