In business, you need your data to work for you. Our surveys are the best way to capture your talent data, giving you insights to shape culture and drive performance. 

Your One-Stop Partner

We make culture visible by being a premier one-stop partner for all your HR & Leadership Development surveys. We also do the heavy lifting for you with our custom templates built by industry experts.

Surveys for Potential Employees, Current Individual Employees, Teams, Classes, Departments, and Organizations

"Culture should be shaped to attract and retain top talent. SurveySaurus® will help you understand and shape your culture for better performance"

– Bonnie Hagemann

You Choose

Expert-developed surveys, custom analytics, or a tool for designing your own survey with easy-to-use templates. You have complete control.

Customizable Templates
SurveySaurus provides insightful, customizable surveys, data, and analysis to drive immediate change and get bottom-line results. Work from user-friendly, pre-built survey templates or create your own.
Predictive Analytics
SurveySaurus provides data when you need it most. Get instant feedback, and predictive analysis on People, Culture and Performance. Currently in beta - help us build our analytics database!
Immediate Value
With our Quick Start Survey templates, we make it easy to survey, analyze and ensure that your talent and your culture are your strategic advantage. Our work is backed by over 36 years of in-depth industry research and leadership development experience.

Attractive, Logical, Customized Reporting

Gain a more detailed understanding of your organizational make-up
Target meaningful value points that would normally go unseen
Set the stage for longer-term growth and sustained success
Dr. Cabot Jaffee
President & CEO, AlignMark
“When we needed a great survey platform for customizable 360-degree surveys, we did our homework.  We spent many weeks evaluating the best options available in the marketplace today.  We went through demonstration after demonstration and ran the financial analysis on all of our options.  Ultimately we chose EDA's SurveySaurus.  Not only is the technology platform the best option for us, we have also found the EDA team has a true partnership mentality.  We are very excited to work together and highly recommend using SurveySaurus.”